Swimming pool mom

Hi Beertje how was school today?  Where's your brother?

Hi Jan do you take the bags?  Ok see you later? Where's Beertje's hat? Did he forget it at school?

Come on boys, it's time to go get changed, we can go inside. Say bye to daddy.

Beertje wait wait, no ,  not here yet, go and sit on that bench over there to take off your shoes.  Yes, here, sit down and take off your shoes.  Just a second Kabouter, I'm not ready yet.
Where are your shoes?
Hey Beertje, just a second, wait a moment before you go in.  No!  We go in here in cabine 4.   Why? because we always go here, just go in, will you?   Your friend is here as well

Kabouter don't drop your pants on the floor, please, the floor is wet here. Come on, put your clothes on the bench, you should know that.
Beertje, stand still and take off your sweater.  Let me first take off my coat myself, I'm melting here.  First of all I need to take off my coat as well.

(to other parent) Yes I think it's more hot here each week.

Hey Beertje, your swimpants are backwards, does anyone care. Oh fuck it.  (grin to other parents that nod supportingly).
Do you need to go to the toilet?  Kabouter, you can go to the shower already, ok?  Go and shower.

Ok Beertje, take a shower. you need to push the button harder. Try once again. come one, you can do it.
Yes, very good.  Ok, make sure you get wet well.  Very good.  Ok, I think you are done now, let's go upstairs to the pool, your brother already left.


Ok, Kabouter, you can go downstairs and shower already. Here's the soap.
Carefull on the stairs!

Beertje, don't run, never run. Step step step step, very good, slow down. Ok, let's go to the showers quickly if not we will not have a spot.

Beertje, go and line up behind this boy, he will be nearly finished. Come on, take your spot or you'll never get a free shower. Kabouter there , a free shower..;ah too late. You must pay attention.  Ok fine, wait now until someone leaves.

Come on boys, line up behind someone. You'll never get a free shower if you don't line up.

Ok, Beertje go stand next to your brother...not so much shampoo on your hair...grr ok, make sure your head is well in the water stream there is still loads of foam on your head.
No, once more...hit the button once more, yes great.  Good.  No no, not yet, once more, yeah probably another 3 times...make sure your head is under the water. Ok perfect like that.

Do you need to go to the toilet? Your brother is already gone to change, so let's keep moving. DON'T RUN!

Let me help you...yes of course you can have the towel yourself but let me help you to dry well if not it's hard to put on your clothes. I'm only trying to help...Fine, do it yourselves.
Here's your shirt Kabouter...no pay attention you're putting it on backwards. Good, now your sweater and you're almost done.

Hey Beertje, stay here you are not done yet, come back.  Come back and don't lock that door, other people need to be able to go in and out the cabine!

Ok, you can go and search your shoes now.  Yes I'll help you, sit down here on the bench.

Wait a moment guys, I'm not done yet, I still have to put on my shoes myself. Hey wait...wait at the door ok!!   And please take your jacket, I'm not your carrier.

Ok who's turn is it to choose how we walk back tonight? No Beertje, you got to choose last time, it's Kabouter's turn.  I know you want to go via the stairs but Kabouter can also choose now and then. Stop whining please, next week you can choose the stairs again.

Beertje can you hold until we are home to go to the toilet. You just said 2 minutes ago you didn't need to go?  We're almost home.

(Door closes...I smell food...I drop the swimming bag ...I'm home).


Kris10 said…
Topsport! (van de mama he!)
Goofball said…
Hahaha, ik voel me soms wel wat buiten adem als ik uit die kleedkamers kom en helemaal bezweet
Anne said…
Hahahaha zalig :-) Doodmoe ben je als je thuiskomt!
Le petit requin said…
Hahaha, heerlijk! (toch om te lezen ;)).

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