10 random pictures of the last 6 weeks

  1. When returning from the swimming classes, the children love to have some shadow play outside the sports center. 

2.  Due to upcoming big renovations in our office, we must temporarily move to other offices for about a year...so we've been camping between boxes for a while.  Very cosy to work like that. My personal box from my drawers were primarely filled with snacks. 

3. The children have amused themselves again by "lending" my phone and filling it with random blurry pictures.  Here you see some nativity scenes where I think the sheep have farted and half of the population in the stable has passed out. 

4.  Sunday morning bakery sweets

5. I can't help sneaking into my children's bedroom now and then and take a secret picture of them asleep.

6. The neighbourhood gang on its way to the Sunday market in Heverlee.

7.  Plasticine confetti faces when it's storming outside

8. Some stubborn little boy refused to say sorry to his brother after breaking his toy. 

9. We woke up with a few cms of snow in Leuven at the end of February


Kris10 said…
Ik durf geen stiekeme slaapfoto's maken ... Doe jij het licht daarvoor aan?
Goofball said…
@kris10: het hangt ervan af bij wie. Deze foto is wel met flash denk ik, maar ik probeer vaker gewoon met het licht aan in de gang en de deur wat open. Vaak lukt dat wel. 'k heb bij de jongste die wel eens wakker geflasht...woepssss

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