Corona in numbers

  • 2 car trips in 62 days
  • 14 kms driven in 62 days
  • 10 days of vacation taken
  • 23 days of homeschooling
  • 2,5 days record of staying inside without fresh air
  • 5-6 video calls on average per day
  • 7 hours of video call as record on a day
  • 4 children simultaneously participating in a video meeting as a record
  • 4 pets simultaneously participating in a video meeting as a record
  • 8 minutes into a 3h virtual international workshop before a first cat walked by on the screen.
  • 2 times that a child showed up during a video meeting without pants
  • 1 time a child put the living room under water during a meeting
  • 2 bouquets of flowers delivered at home
  • 2 consultations by a doctor (non corona related)
  • more than 20 of face masks for our family
  • 3 puzzles of 1000 pieces (almost) made in 8 weeks
  • 2 string beads plates melted
  • 6 cm of ponytail grown
  • 3 times taken the risk of cutting my and the children's bangs and hair above the ears of the children
  • A dozen of grey hairs visible
  • 13 episodes watched on Netflix (Cable Girls and Unorthodox)
  • Moving from 1 to 8 % availability on digi-recorder (mostly thanks to The Big Bang Theory and Murder in Paradise)
  • 30483208 million times irritated about all the complaining negative or sour people on social media. 
  • 4 sour friends on FB muted
  • 5 tweets reported on Twitter
  • 400 km walked and 9500 steps on average by day
  • 2300 steps as a low record on a day
  • 18230 steps as a high record on a day
  • 3 chalked walks by the children for their classmates
  • 2 take away meals and 8 delivered meals
  • about 50 liters of fresh made soup
  • 300 g soup meat balls per week
  • 75cl of water consumed on average (oops)
  • 2-3 large coffees a day  (less than in the office!)
  • 7h50' average sleep per night
  • 3 pairs of summer shoes for the children each delivered
  • I lost the count on number of delivered packages over the last weeks
  • Several days with tears
  • Dozens of tickle fights
  • 40 days passed in my comfy home sports outfit
  • 62 days wearing my sporty walking shoes or my indoor native mocassins
  • 2 big acne explosions that hardly anyone noticed while staying at home
  • 16 days average backlog in reading blogs
  • 5 yoga webinars followed


Els said…
that's an original list and it made me smile more than once :)

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