The last 3 weeks in 12 random pictures

During the #40dagenbloggen  challenge in lent, I posted a daily picture on the Goofballsworld FB page and also sometimes some random pictures on this blog. That was sort of fun so I will continue to now and then post some random pictures from my phone that don't make it in a bigger post.

1) A nearby road got re-asphalted in May. Ugh...smells awefully when you have to walk by and we felt the trembling from far. But it's always good to get a fresh new good road afterwards!

2) We didn't get to spend a lot of time in the Ardennes this Spring. As a result our grass field was with much more wild flowers than was intended. 

3) Some of my Manitobah moccassins...I haven't worn anything but First Nation Canadian moccassins inside my house for more than half of my life. One of the reasons I need to return every 3-6 years to Canada to buy some new ones. Although these are 4 year old and don't show that they've been worn yet.

I dug up some of my other moccasins out: on old worn pair of more than a decade old that I didn't throw out yet. My other current pair that I'm wearing and my spare new set that I have waiting in the cupboard (since I can't travel up and down to Canada just like that when I need some new ones). 

4) In May the parent association at school has its annual flower sales and that always helps to refill my flower pots in the garden. Fingers crossed that they don't die as quickly as previous year.

5) The boys got new rain jackets for spring/summer/fall and they were utterly excited about them.

6) There was a family day at the swim school where I could attend the class from the side of the pool. 

7) Beertje went with his class to visit a farm...all cute in their little boots :)

8) The boys went to the hairdresser and she used a trimmer on them for the first time.  They look so different! 


Leen said…
O yes, de geur van asfalt is me welbekend, want onze straat werd van de week ook nieuw geasfalteerd! Het ging gelukkig snel et voilĂ , de auto's rijden alweer.
En dat is hoe een grasplein er moet uitzien, met al die bloemetjes <3

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