Biking once more near Butgenbach lake

We also returned to Butgenbach lake and the RAVel L45 line to ride another part of this road. We parked where previous time we more or less turned around. 

We get into a sort of routine by now on our bike trips on the RAVel bikeroads:   
Kabouter takes off and rides ahead for a few 100 meters and then waits now and then until we catch up again.   Beertje peddling his little legs on his little bike in circles like mad but not progressing very much while I stay behind him with my hands on my break to continuously slow down.  Then Beertje has the habit to stop randomly but suddenly every 1-2 minutes or so to have a drink from his bottle, so I have to do my best not to bump into him.   And Jan peddles in between  Beertje and Kabouter  a bit. 

Unlike previous times in May, there are a lot more tourists on the road now and you can hear Dutch and German so clearly the borders reopened and it's quite visible already.   "Nearby" tourism is clearly picking up well.  I suspect that the region will be buzzing with activity over the summer when a lot of people choose to stay closeby over the Summer.  Since June 8th, the restaurants and bars could the hotels that were still closed a few weeks ago were now serving.  We took the opportunity to have an outdoor lunch at the same hotel bistro as 2 years ago, out in the sun and being able to do so felt really nice! 


Kris10 said…
Mooie foto's!

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