Expanding the bubble with family

The grandparents and the grandchildren had their patience tested the previous months but previous weekend, just in time for Father's Day, we visited as a family the grandparents again. 

For my mom it was a big relief to see both children again and to spend some relax time together in the garden. 

The children rediscovered my mom's garden as if it had been the first time they've been there and decided to build a "camp" where they engaged in some imaginary game.  Also the watermelon shaped ice creams were a hit. 

After a fun nice visit, we also brought some flowers to my father's grave all together. 

In the mean time a young cousin was anxiously waiting for his cousins to come over and play together. So next stop was my sister-in-law where also my in-law parents were visiting. We were actually hiding inside from the heath, while catching up cosily. 


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