The first dinners with friends again

Last week , in the short heat wave, we organised a small BBQ and invited 2 Leuven friends over for dinner. It were the first visitors we had in our house since the lockdown.  

Greeting was a little awkward for a second as we used to exchange kisses but they quickly offered a little elbow knock.  We profited from the nice weather to sit outside which is still safer...and simply more enjoyable on a hot summer evening. 

They came with good news and bubbles to celebrate the good news  (woohoo! ) and then we enjoyed an overload of meat from the BBQ. It was fun to catch up until bedtime and it sure feels like repeating.  While I am still slow in expanding bubbles and meeting lots of people on a short time, having the possibility to meet up with some friends again is sure nice!

The week before Kabouter had requested to expand our family bubble with his best friend. It's remarkable how the children pick up the adult pandemic jargon.  Since he's already with his best friend in his class bubble anyhow, we teamed up for a spaghetti dinner in the reopened neighbourhood bistro.  Once again, we sat outside and tried to maintain distance, especially with the other parents. 


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