You are a mom when ...

  1. You know at any moment whose pair of sandals is left behind under the sofa and that the stuffed penguin is last seen  hiding behind the garbage bin
  2. You find an half eaten cookie in the pocket of your jacket
  3. You always carry 2 spare packages of tissues to wipe of running noses
  4. You always tiptoe through the living room even when the children are in school or in bed, totally conditioned to not step on a small toy that is likely be laying on the floor still
  5. You get notifications on your iPad from YouTube that some obscure person in Taiwan uploaded a spin off of Thomas the Train or whatever because the children have accidentally taken a subscription to some YouTube channel you didn't want to follow at all
  6. You think at 10 AM "ah it's fruit time" even though your children are back in school
  7. You judge vacation destinations on the base of a children's pool available
  8. You have memorized the names of a few dozen stuffed animals to be able to follow your children's conversation
  9. A few dozen of your telephone contacts have the name "mom of ..." (or mom of ...marked as company name)
  10. You find back your phone or iPad full of sugary sticky fingerprints
  11. You prepare any type of soup with little meatballs (and you must count equal portions when serving!)
  12. You don't blink anymore when you have to serve a drink: half water, half lemonade, half whatever type of juice.  As long as I don't have to drink the weird combinations, I'm good.
  13. You start counting when you pick up the children from school:  2 children, 2 hats,  2 jackets,  2 sweaters, 2 bags, ... ok we're good to go. 
  14. You often have to hold in your smile when you should be angry or vice versa
  15. You execute reperative surgery on stuffed animals.

Mieke from always claims Fridays are list here's my list today but inspired by the post from Het Moederschip


An-Alice said…
Hahaha, dit is zooooo herkenbaar! :)

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