Painting the staircase walls

Previous week Jan mentioned that we really should paint the walls along the staircase once. It's true that when we finished painting the attic after many many weekends in Spring and early Summer, that I had had enough for it and didn't find the courage to do that anymore.  A pity because the plastic on the door and the tape protecting the staircase on one side was already applied. Ouch...even though I know those tapes should only stick for 2-3 days, if not they have difficulty to come off without damage.

Anyway, I postponed it until after the summer back then. At least that was the intention, but then it didn't happen right away and in the winter I find it too cold as I want to paint with open doors and windows etc. etc. So the hallway was waiting patiently for 14 months I thought...until I looked it up right here on my blog and it turns out it is in fact 2 years. (my blog is really my public memory). We finished the attic in the summer of 2018 and not in the summer of 2019. Woooops, we ignored the tape and plastic on the door for 2 years.  [shameful red cheeks]. Oh well, 2019 was personally a very bad year so no surprise really that I never had the energy or focus to tackle this. 

But this weekend the weather prediction once again wasn't too top  (but we don't complain!) and all of a sudden I figured I could quickly tackle this chore.  All material was still around so while the boys went to the store, I got going. On the left wall we had stuck glass fibre paper right on top of the existing wall paper after we had had enough of a full year of peeling off a few dozen of layers of paper in the entire house. So we could still see the old stripes through.  

2 more patches of paper to add, then a layer of primer, that was my to do for the first round.  Up and down the stairs to the pot of paint, stretch out, squat down...excellent fitness! 

Just for the boy's bedtime I squeezed out my fatigue and went for a 2nd round in order to ensure it could all get finished in this one weekend. Hurray for well covering paint. 

On Sunday morning I didn't feel top at all. My legs were sore from yesterday's weird fitness. I figured I'd better take rest and yet it was too shamefull to give up then so I didn't.  With my playlist loud, I gave all the walls their 3rd and final layer.

After me, Jan got busy cementing that one slice of missing tiles after which he could add carpet.  After kitting all the edges smoothly with silicone we could start the clean-up and remove the masking tape everywhere. Much to my relief and surprise it wasn't particularly harder to remove the 12 month (I mean 24 month old) tape than the recently applied one. Hmm it's been different in the past.  Great because I wasn't ready for a Tessa crepe disaster.  On the contrary exactly 10 years after we purchased this little one-floor neglected little house, it has finally 2 fully renovated floors. 

And then we went walking to give those tired legs a different sort of stretch.  

Now I should redo the hallway downstairs because that got some damage over the 10 years of renovating but that can wait for the fall (or in 12 or 24 months or so ;) ). 


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