My fitbit year in 2021

I am back to a daily average above 10000 steps. Woohoo.  And it was a nice spread out effort with 7 months averaging above 10000 steps.  Similarly, months with vacation time perform better than other months, with a clear big peak this year in August thanks to our Normandy vacation.  And previous years I hardly walked in July due to the heat waves, this time it was the non-stop rain.  July weather...I'm clearly never happy about it. 

That is linked to a return to average 7 km per day opposed to 6 km in 2020.  Yet I've learned that my fitbit exaggerates my distance a little. 

I'm also very happy to see that my average sleep has been increased by 15 minutes this year compared to previous 2 years.  This is the first year where one  - even multiple - months average above 8 hours sleep.  Also here is a visible effect of vacation months, but I am paying a lot of attention on getting enough sleep and having a stable rhythm that has become really embedded (really don't try to keep me up after 10.30 pm). 

And then there' the heart rate in rest, which has increased a little.   It remains a mystery to me what determines exactly this heart rate.  I've been wondering this for 2 years since I notice it is often high in weekends and on vacation while I assumed it was a stress indicator.  And in some clear stress periods (eg start first lockdown at arrival of Corona eg) it was quite low.  Vacation periods do generate stress to me if there's a lot of driving involved (and I tend to drive more in weekends) but still.  Last months I saw however a very clear correlation to alcohol and big meals in evening (which happens more on vacation and in weekends) and nights that are less qualitative as a result.  
Yet the big peaks and waves that go beyond the daily/weekly fluctuations still puzzle me...


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