Lonely worker

Pfff had meetings all day, some of them really boring. Geez, some people can keep on discussing things that weren't even the true subject of the original discussion. They don't even get it that they are not answering the question they were asked, not even when it is being asked a second time. Nevertheless they come up with a whole new 5 minutes of pointless arguments. Fortunately we had some good people in the meetings as well :-). I survived!

Anyway, it was almost time to go home when I finally got behind my desk. I really felt I oughta work a bit more on my daily tasks as I am falling behind on my planning. On one hand I really didn't feel like it, I was tired, it's almost weekend, ... but on the other hand I did want to progress a bit more before going into the weekend.

Some hours later, everyone else has left and I am here by myself in the empty building. By this time, my first dip of fatigue has gone (after telling anecdotes to my boss... yeah good way to progress quickly on a friday evening! But it did wake both of us up) . By now I might as well stay even a bit longer in order to drive directly to the airport to pick up Jan. It's weird to be here alone on a friday night, I feel like I am doing tremendous overtime. This is really not my habit anymore, whereas this hour would still be leaving "early" at my previous employer. Hmm so glad I am not there anymore! When I was working at Accenture, my friends commented that they'd never be able to work overtime so much...but it really is a habit. In the end, your life is adjusted to it and then it's weird to eat early and come home early. Now my habits have been reversed as well and I find it very strange to work this late.

It's also strange today as everyone who was here seemed to go on vacation next week. So I' ve been saying all the time "see ya in 3 weeks" "have fun".... while the others don't come back before next week. It seems like a switch of teams with me being the connection. So I really feel even more like the only one working! How brave huh! And if I'd stay concentrated for a while (without surfing and typing in my blog) it would be even better :-).

bye bye.... almost weekend


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