Bad communication, misunderstandings and useless waiting

One week before go-life. Stress levels are clearly rising among the team members. Still so much to do, will we make it???

Today seems to be the day of misunderstandings causing the software company phoning the director in the UK that we probably could not go life because of all the issues we were logging, causing him to phone one of our team members, causing confusing here, causing other parallell phone calls and e-mails that are crossing each other etc.... Great... what would be a go-life without confusing and stress huh...

And now due to some wrong communication, the firewall are down again at lunch time for some testing, so we have now 15 people wiggling their thumbs while waiting until we can continue our work. Argh. Fortunatly internet still works, so I can quickly add a little blog here :-). Next training should start in 20 minutes. Lets hope they keep the network up then. I know the techies need to still switch a bunch of stuff and run their tests, and every timing is now bad timing really. The eternal struggle between techies who need to take the system down now and then and functional people who want to keep it up :-).

oh well, I can still laugh about it all, I had a very good sleep last night so I can handle it all today :-).



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