East-Indian birthday party dinner

Last saturday a lot of my friends came over for a birthday party that we hosted in East Indian style. After Jan's third visit to India recently, we had a lot of inspiration in meals to make etc...

I must brag a bit here on Jan who did a fantastic job in cooking all afternoon way to many different dishes so we could present my friends with lot of Indian appetizers and a whole buffet of vegetarian dishes and curry's etc.... He imported for doing this I believe a 20 different herbs that I cannot find here in Belgium. This enabled us to give the curries that specific strong specific tasts. Mmmmm. And the good thing is: we have sitll lots of left-overs in the freezer now ;-).

We needed only a few herbs

The buffet

Jan had bought me a traditional outfit and he was wearing one ourselves. we had quite fun, I hope my friends did as well.

The indian cook was a very happy guy

The hostess


Anonymous said…
Wish that I could have been there!

~ Allie

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