Long weekend in London

Portobello Road , Notting Hill, London

The weekend in London was very nice, relaxed and filled with good exotic food. I love the cosmopolitan atmosphere in the city - you hardly hear any decent English on the streets - and also the more village type atmosphere you can find in the districts away from the busy typical turistic center (e.g. Notting Hill & Greenwich).

The Royal Naval College in Greenwich

We ate such good food and the choice of little exotic restaurants and lunch bars is enourmous, as is to be expected in such a city. We made a small culinair tour of the world: Japanese; Pakistani; Persian; Mediterrean; British and Mexican food :-).

When I arrived on my birthday, I got to see Jan again who had just gone back from India and VAE and he could finally show my his new appartment.

On Friday we met Allison Witthingham's mother and her friend who were on a tour through Europe. We had fun being "Belgian experts" in guiding them through London. Pretty absurd situation huh.

Sherry and Marny outside at Buckinham Palace

We also enjoyed the musical Chicago very much. It was the first time I ever saw a musical and I feared a little bit that I'd find the singing in a play a bit artificial (as I do with the drawings of cartoons => yeah yeah silly me I know). But that wasn't the case: the singing, the story, the dancing, ... it all came together well.


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