Unexpected extra (warm) free time

Well I was supposed to work this weekend, since we'd go life with a new software system next Tuesday.

It would have been quite tight and risky however since I couple of bug fixes would only arrive this week, the hardware would come end of this week, there was a national strike (also in the platform) that messed up our cut-over planning, some data needed rechecking and the end-users asked for more excercise in the new software system before going life. Anyway, the decision was made to postpone the go-life in order to have a more robust switch and in order to avoid all risks. It gives us a couple of more weeks for more training and double checking every thing. We'll be able to use them well.

As a result I have an unexpected weekend, since I thought I'd be working. Great to have no plans (well, that didn't last long though) and 2 days of time. Good to do some relaxing, clean up house, do some shopping and enjoy the fabulous weather. Can you believe it: it's above 20C at the end of October here!!! Incredible but very very enjoyable. I'd not mind it if it kept like this for another month or so.

On Friday there was a national strike in belgium because the government wants to raise the age of early retirement. The government really does not have a chance since our pensions will soon get unpayable and Belgium has one of the lowest activity rates in the world for +55 years! Nevertheless the unions are raising this to a national conflict and have organised the second national strike in 3 weeks time. Our entire team went to work on the platform but the roads were empty and their was very little activity. It was really weird. Their might be more strikes to follow. I don't get it. Well I do get it, I'd like to retire early as well if I could.... but it's not realistic to do so. oh well, had already enough political debates on it on tv, so I won't start one here either.


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