Busy day

Some days I am really gratefull that I have a company car and that I am not paying for my fuel. Today was definitally one of them as I zigzagged through the country and not always in the most logical way , one would think. Appointments and priorities made us go back and forth the same area a couple of times: go to my parents in Deinze, drive back to the other side of Ghent for a kitchen appointment, drive back past Deinze to decide on our floor tiles (which we didn't , but we narrowed them down to 2 options!) , drive back past Ghent to go see another kitchen store, ... and then we drove to my sister to visit them and little Stef for a while. And in the evening we rushed once more to the shopping center to buy some clothes.

Pffew, now I am tired, but it was a good day.


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