Life seen with a thick eye

Hmm my look at the world is a little different today as my right eye is swollen today. Although I should correct myself, the world doesn't look so much different to my but sure much itchier !!! Aaaah help.

Pff must be my allergy popping up again, although it's been years ago that my eye has been swollen like this. What on earth did I do to cause this? Ok it started freezing last weekend and in winter time I am always more sensitive. But this? Let's hope my creme (that I fortunatly always carry in my suitcase) will help. It's such a burning creme that I am positively sure that I won't feel the itch the first hours :p.

Unfortunately for you Allie, I don't carry my camera with me this week, so you won't see a picture of me like this. I honestly swear that I don't have my camera with me.


Allie said…
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Allie said…

I think that you are a liar and that you really do have your camera with you.

I just think that you don't want to share your new beauty mark with me in case I get jealous!

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