Our big Lebowsky

So far all our nights in Liège were the same. We really have gotten ourselves into this routine : working late, sitting in the hotel bar until everybody has arrived and came back down (eating too many peanuts because in the mean time we are starving), walking to a restaurant, eating, walking back to the hotel quite late. This routine is ok, sometimes quite fun actually.

But since weeks we are talking about doing something else. Let's do something else. But we never did until last night. We went bowling with most of the people who were staying in the hotel. It was a fun night out and just for once quite different from our other nights. :) . And the lessons learned are:

synchronised bowling on 2 lanes isn't beneficial for the results

drinking trappist is beneficial for the results

consultants are good in bowling

you can get strikes when throwing the ball in unconventional ways but not this way


Allie said…

Is that you with the fine form in the second picture? Or did the beer just help produce that picture perfect pose......

Despite your denials, I truly think that you are a lush.

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