Rude restaurant

Pfff I am pissed off. We just went to a restaurant we often go to in Liege after work with all those who are staying in the hotel. The food is really good there.

Today all of a sudden they were so rude to us and service was down to zero. Everything we asked seemed to annoy them, they literally told us to rush, took our plates away too quickly, didn't want to close the open door when we asked for it, ... Incredible

So we will never go to LE MOUTON BLANC again!

Advantage of it all is that I returned quicker than usual to the hotel. Some time left to log in after a very very long day at work. I worked almost to 9PM today. Pff so much work. Pity me. I even have a cold, although that one is already getting better. I did run out of my supply of tissues today but a good colleague went to buy 18 packages for me today. I hope I don't need nearly as many!!

Love from Liege from the IBIS hotel


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