Babyvisit in Cologne

Today we went to visit our new German family member Benedict (9 weeks old now). It's a bit complicated to explain the exact family ties but we are in close contact with let's say "3rd degree" German cousin in Cologne. Nicole is a bit younger than my sister and had the joy to have a baby boy about 2 months ago.

We don't see each other enough, but Benedict was obviously a really good reason to drive up to Cologne in Germany. It is really only a 2 or 3 hour drive (depending if we leave from Ghent of Leuven). It was great to see them again, have a little chat about renovating houses (yep , not only a Belgian habit) and to play with the little boy. We are sure that in over a year or so Stef and Benedict can be great playmates :-).

Nicole and Benedict

Marco and Benedict

After our visit, we took the opportunity to walk down-town and visit the really famous Christmas market in Cologne. When we walked up rows of busses were waiting for the British, French and Belgian tourist to go home, so it wasn't as packed anymore, but there still was a huge very international crowd there.

The decorations were really lovely and we enjoyed getting a bit in the Christmas atmosphere while looking at all the crafts exposed, the many good smelling food stands (not only German sausage as I recall from the last time, but food from all over the world), the warm wine, the christmas decorations. Only 2 weeks anymore, it's about time we start thinking about christmas huh.

The Dom of Koln (cathedral of Cologne) and the christmas market decorations


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