Freezing day

Brrrr it's a really cold week here with now and then some snow. No big amounts, don't worry, just enough to give the world a nice white look. Just to late to have a white Christmas. I've never ever had a white Christmas , ... at least as far as I can remember. I should ask my parents I suppose.

We are fortunatly spared of the bigger amounts of snow that create once more traffic chaos in our surrounding countries. Aren't we crazy: 15 cm of snow can cause the majority of Europe to come to a standstill.

We sure didn't come to a standstill. We had finished putting in the floorheating tubes yesterday and we had started making concrete to cover it up. Today we continued to do so. Jan was the victim to be outside with the turning machine to make concrete for us. He could be in the -2c temperature while we were inside with the doors closed as much as possible. Since he often had to ride in another wheel barrow of concrete. Soon we were the cold ones: temp dropped inside to 2,5 C and we were moving less. My taks was spreading out the concrete to even surfaces , more or less at the required height for tiling the floor. Jan's dad carefully evened it out.

We are almost done now and will finish it off tomorrow. That were a fruitfull couple of days here in the house: all the water pipes connected, floor heating installed and the floor concrete drying now. I can't wait until we can turn on that heating, so that we have more than 2 warm rooms (right now the 2 front rooms upstairs behind the facade remained untouched and therefore still have the old heating system on). We already noticed that heating those 2 rooms has become easier since all the insulation is in! Big difference.

Jan locked outside in the cold

our floors on the first floor, "almost ready" for tiling ;)


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