Wintertime once more

What would be more appropriate in these long dark days, during Christmas vacation for all the kids: true winter weather combined with snow, freezing cold etc... Well it sure was cold this week. On Thursday it was -7C in Leuven at one point. Brrrr, that is really cold for Belgium. I must I really enjoyed scratching the ice from my window shield...NOT. In the beginning of the week we also go some snow, but that 2cms look quite miserable if I look on Julia's blog and see her abundant snow pictures.

From 2 days in advance, the weather reports started warning about the weather conditions we would get today: lots of snow and in the evening rain that would freeze on the roads. Repeatedly we were asked not to go on the road if not necessary. That apparently had made a good impression on the people (and I guess also due to this week's news images of huge traffic jams in France and Germany with people being stuck and sleeping in their car on freeways) as it was fairly calm on the roads today. We did venture out at noon to go and see our parents and do some grocery shopping but we took the advice into account as in not postponing any of it. As a result we were home in the late afternoon. Nevertheless it was already snowing heavily. Well heavily in Belgian standards of course. The roads were not clear anymore and traffic was moving slowly.

I just really really wanted to go out for a big snow walk. All wrapped up with a hat, scarf, my warmest gloves, 2 sweaters, jacket, warm pants , long socks and my hiking boots I went out. First Jan joined me but since he didn't have any good shoes on he soon found it very hard to stay upright on the icy/snowy sidewalks. But I took the occasion for a good walk in the cold and to discover some roads in the neighbourhood that I had not walked in. There were not many people out and the wind was really icy but I enjoyed the crispiness of the snow under my boots. Don't you love it to step into fresh snow and to hear it crisping?? Or to watch the funny footsteps of people who have passed by there before you??? To see where a dog and a cat have run, how people have walked in a funny circle around their car before apperently driving off. All information that the streets usually don't give to you. All of a sudden, the streets tell you which roads have been neglected by visitors, which ones have been busy before you came by, ... Very interesting that is. Even if we only have a few inches of snow.

In small side roads, no government even bothers to ever put salt on the roads

not all trains were stopped, I noticed

When I came back home, soaking wet (the snow had turned into snowrain), Jan was preparing this delicious meal for me alraedy. I am so spoiled by this great cook in the house! Yummie, thanx Jan!! Kiss.

I just watched the news to see if the predicted traffic chaos had happened, but it wasn't too bad. I think indeed that most people stayed inside when it wasn't needed, because the roads were pretty bad. Fortunatly Jan and I didn't go anywhere today by train as train traffic is pretty messed up right now. It has started to rain which causes ice on the power cables for the trains. Pff isn't it weird that a country like ours can't handle a bit of winter weather, that everything slows down or comes to a stop with some snow and ice??? Other countries seem to be able to handle a lot more, or is that just an illusion? If this had not been a vacation day for a lot of people, I think our countrie truly would have been in a lot more chaos. One month ago, snow and wind caused power outages every where in Europe.

Well anyway, we should not worry anymore for the coming year or the yearend as tomorrow it'll turn 7C and everything will have melted. The wintersnap will be over before the year end. I regret it actually. I wouldn't mind it freezing a bit more so the snow could stay on the fields and roofs and the ponds could remain frozen. The Dutch must be disappointed particularly as they always start hoping with every freezing temperature to go out skating outside. They have soo many little canals and water everywhere and they honestly all seem to be bitten with a skating bug. As soon as they can, you see them skating everywhere. The coolest place to skate is downtown The Hague in front of the "Binnenhof", the old palace that still houses the government and part of the parliament. The prime ministers office faces a big pond in the city on which people skate when it freezes enough. Must be funny to be able to go and wave in front of his window. Just imagine that situation for American security officers, they would so freek out! Fortunatly the Dutch do dare to skate in front of their prime ministers office window.

Happy defrosting New Year to you all!!!


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