Living at home again

It's so unbelievable but I am living at home again. I've slept in my own bed for 5 nights in a row already, that hasn't happened in the last 3 months. I either was in Liege on hotel, in Leuven working and approx. 1 or 2 nights a week at home. But I hardly spent any time at home.

This weekend we cooked again, we were just lazy at home and it was great. It was also fun to do grocery shopping in the neighbourhood again (no need for that if you live in a hotel most of the time). It's actually a bit strange again to find my rhythm at night: cooking, eating, washing dishes, combined with some relaxation. And soon my back log of household chores will start again, but I promise that it won't stress me out... at least not in the beginning ;).

and for the colleagues who read this: no offense though. I did enjoy all the evenings together in the hotel and all the food and multi-langual conversations in the restaurants.


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