tbeste veur tniew joar - Uuk zuu veeele

Ghent was selected and awarded as the most 'cosy' city of 2005. They wanted to stress that during the past holidays with a remarkable campaign. Since a lot of people always dress up their houses with christmas men (how we name Santa Claus) and lights, why not wish the passer's by and our neighbours a good holiday.

So we all got a poster in our mail: on one side of the street it is a Lego man bringing a toast in the Ghent dialect "tbeste veur tniew joar" (het beste voor het nieuwe jaar/ all the best wishes for the new year) . On the other side of the street they got 3 lego men answering the wish with "uuk zuu veeeele" (ook zo veel / the same too you). Also the 2 main towers in the historical city center wish each other all the best wishes for the new year.

The posters itself are not really the nicest creations (haha funny remark, they couldn't take Playmobil figures since they'd show the man with a glass of alcohol. pfff stupid Playmobil), but the effect is quite strange though. When I walked last weeks through my city, I felt like crossing through a ping pong back and forth and back and forth of wishes. It might not have a long term effect against individualism in the cities, but it sure brought some humor in our streets and neighbourhoods.

I must honestly admit that I didn't put up my poster, since I am on the 3rd floor with skylights. Nobody would see mine. Well, maybe the birds would have seen it. Hereby I appologise to the birds and I wish the "tbeste veur tniew joar!!!'.

uuk zuu veele.


Allie said…
Or people passing over in a plane....

They would probably think, my my, what a nice town down there. See honey, look, that house is wishing me a Happy New Year!

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