Comforting sound of the rain

The first 6 weeks of 2006 were very dry here. We had a couple of days with snow...but not much and for the rest it was dry. So I guess it was time now to shift the balance and since a week (and also predicted for the coming days) we get one weather depression after another bringing lots of rain. It's not that cold anymore but at some moments it's just pouring.

You have to know that I live on the topfloor of the appartment and the sound of the rain is very loud on my skylight windows. When I first moved here I truly didn't sleep when it's raining. But you get used to it. Now I tell myself that it's a very comforting cosy background sound...I am trying to convince me that it just adds to the cosiness of my appartment. Especially when i am already in bed under my warm covers. Hmmmm, nice inside, nice and warm and dry while it's very unattractive outside. I try to compare the feeling to myself with the joy of a fire inside when it's freezing and dark outside.

My mind images help me indeed to ignore the annoying ticking of the rain on the windows and to sleep through it. Last week Jan didn't have my mind images though to help him fall asleep. He surely wasn't used to it yet and was rolling back and forth to try to fall asleep. Argh. Oh well, now he feels what I feel in leuven when I am kept awake from street traffic noise there. I'll have to find a positive comforting image for that noise as well.... hmm have to think about that.


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