Failing tests

Pfff the night didn't help us to solve the problem we had last night... but it helped me to put stuff more into perspective, although it was really disappointing to drive to work knowing that I'd have to postpone these tests.

After being in bed late (and some colleagues were up later than me!) was really supporting to see that we were already with 3 logged in at 6h30 and mailing each other with possible ideas to solve this. Great teammates!

So this morning was really frustrating and disappointing and stressfull, but after a while it evolved to a more accepting feeling ( "oh well, we'll see when we figure this out, it's been delayed so much already so now we might as well search some further options ") (to be honest, day wasn't so stressfull since there was less happening...we had to wait for answers from technical people on the errors that occured) relieve when finally at 17h30 I could save my first sales order hopefull that we can execute tomorrow the tests with the users as was in fact planned today.

Please lets hope that after entering the orders, no more such big errors come up in the rest of the flow! And I'll do my dishes now and go to bed earlier


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