Happy weekend

This weekend I was thinking "I feel good, I am happy". It sounds cheesy, especially when you write it down. It's almost weird to type this thought down, but I truly felt good this weekend even when I was tired etc at some moments. So maybe we don't type happiness down frequently enough and then the happy feeling evaporates quickly.

So I want to register that I had a good weekend: I've spent time with multiple friends: meeting young Christians in Ghent on Friday evening, going out to a Mexican restaurant with 2 friends and Jan on Saturday evening and having another friend over for brunch on Sunday noon.
I also could work in the house in Leuven where I continued plastering (second layer!) while Jan helped his dad with tiling the floor. I also went over to my sister and played with little Stef and we planned to make a big family vacation this summer for a week in France.

And my itchy face is gone. I went to the dermatologist and she confirmed to me what I already suspected: excema in my face , neck and arms despite the fact that I was still following her last year's instructions about taking care of my face. I got some good old cortisone wondercreme (pff cortisone again) which already worked its miracles the first 2 days and now my face is itchfree and the red crusty spots are gone. Now I have to wait for some more allergy tests and the results of my blood tests.

It was a very busy weekend and I would have liked to relax a bit more, but you can't have it all. So I just keep the good memories and that happy thought :-)


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