Itchy face

For years now I suffer from allergies that can result in red itchy skin. For 2,5 months now, my eye is often a bit swollen and itchy and then back to very dry and red.
A couple of weeks ago I finally made an appointment with the dermatologist. I can't wait to the last 2,5 weeks my face went all dry and more spots with rash came up. It's really all dried up and extremely itchy sometimes. When I touch it, little dry pieces of skin fall down and it feels almost crusty. I use however the daily soap and daycreme recommended by my dermatologist though so I don't get it.
Also my arms are showing extremely dry spots.

1 more day and I'll hopefully have a good advise and diagnosis so I can start getting rid of it because it is now worsening really fast and it drives me nuts. (failing tests are nothing compared with this!)


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