Busy long week

Hi hi,

We are life with the new software! Great. All together it went fairly well. Except of some slowness of the system there were no technical issues at well.
But we kept ourselves busy reconcialing the accounting upload in the new system with the old one, finding out which data (customers, products) had been forgotten to load in the new system and creating them (usually when it was already extremely urgent, since the customer was supposed to be delivered immediately of course).
And we worked very long days as for the first week we wanted to stay as long as the depot was open, to make sure there were no problems. But due to all the newness of the new procedures.... the work was only done way late at night.

So our team shared the healthy diet of eating fries at midnight in the bar of the hotel, since the fries store was the only thing left open at that hour.

Thanks that it is saturday evening and tomorrow I have one day that I don't have to work!


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