an early easter bunny

This morning I quickly had to stop at my parents house when I saw something small moving in the garden. Much to my surprise I saw a big brown rabbit with his cute white little tale jumping along on the grass. (while I type this I all of sudden think of "The velveteen rabbit", a book that my sister gave me when she came back from her exchange...I need to look for it again!).

When I saw the rabbit I was a little confused as I thought it was already Easter. But of course it could not be a easter bunny since the bells have not yet left for Rome to collect the chocolate easter eggs. You know in Belgium or Western Europe I suppose, the bells in the church towers are silent from Good Friday 3 PM onwards after they ring for the last time their solemn bells (to remember when Jesus died) up to Easter morning when all morning all church towers will ring their happy bells. There is no Easter without that sound, I really missed it in Canada on my exchange. There is actually no true marriage or true funeral without the appropriate bells I believe. They can really move me!
So anyway, we believe in Belgium that while the bells are silent they fly to Rome (all of a sudden they appear to have wings) and they come back with loads and loads of chocolate eggs. Which with the help of the Easter bunnies they hide in all gardens and city parks on Easter night. So on Sunday morning all children in Belgium have this big search in their garden (or if you live in an appartment you can go to a city park) to search for eggs.

But talking with my dad, the rabbit only prooved to be an escaped neighbourhood rabbit who was no driving my dad crazy as the grass was full of proof of its presence :p.

The rabbit and the sunshine and the first flowers truly give me a spring feeling this week. Well the temperatures are still way to low. With Easter it should already be much warmer, but at least nature is giving us good hope. You see that the trees are ready to pop all their little new leaves out as soon as it heats up a little and in the mean time all the Narcisses (= Easterlilies in Dutch) have already appeared in all gardens and parks. Yippeee, that's great.


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