9 11

I was ment to write this blog on Monday but we are Wednesday already tonight. (I think Blogger will still post it on Monday because I started it then). Thanks to 'Blanche' the computer ghost that seems to haunt this laptop since a week, I've been mainly busy with troubleshooting rather than finishing my post.

In the mean time I forgot what I was going to type here. I just wanna say that I watched on Canvas the BBC documentary about the collaps of the twin towers. It was setup with archive images, interviews and new film with actors. We've all had overdosis with 9 11 images already I am sure but this one was different to me. For the first time it focused what happened in the towers in between the time the first plan hit the tower and the collapse.... the stories of people stuck in the elevator, office people trying to find an exit from the fire, people not knowing at all what was happening, .... It was really good and it was the first time ever I had to cry because of 9 11 despite the documentory's serene approach.

Naturally I was shocked by 9 11 as was everyone else, I was horrified by what had happened and we felt a lot of empathy but living in Europe you can not really grasp it at all. It touched us more than other disasters happening elsewhere in the world, but it didn't truly involve us directly!! It's hard to say but it did happen on the other side of the world in a country that bullies the world. It was very unreal to us. So this documentary was very good to me revive my empathe and remind me that it was not just a surreal horror movie but it truly happened!

9 11 truly change the world, just look at the daily news and check how much of it was impacted by 9 11 : Iraque, Afghanistan, terrorist news, ... Very depressing really


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