Adding some forgotten data

Hi it's 22.15 and I am very tired. We are still adding some "forgotten" data that of course turned up today. Funny how people's attitude change. As long as you give them excels with all the data that we will upload, we get very little response. Even test runs in the live company gives very little response. But mentioning today that the final upload has happened, triggers people to go and look for their data in the system and run to us with lists of missing suppliers and items. Great.... now we have to create them manually which takes a lot longer.

Looking at the bright sight: yesterday we did not get any dinner at all, tonight we stuffed ourselve with lots of fries. And every data change we make today before we are live, is not a data change we have to make when we are live with complaining customers on the phone and a supplier dropping off non existing drinks (in our system) in the depot. It's the first time we have a spare data check day like this, so lets hope it is going to be smoother later on.

Zzzz I am so tired.


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