The calm before the storm?

It's very strange but it is very calm at work this afternoon. The calm before the storm, I am afraid.

Last days have been stressfull and hectic because some people weren't capable to do their job at all. This is the internet so I can't go into details (although I'd love to give lots of details to prove my point), but let's just say that I really wanted to smack some people in the face for their incompetence and some other people for not having fired the first category yet. Some people sure can make our lifes a lot harder and make us loose lots of time.

But in the end we seem to have gathered all data in time (yes we have great people in our team!) . I had my files processed this morning and now Luc has just finished his files as well (he had more to do). So now we are ready to upload once the guys in the HQ are ready with checking the file's consistencies. So we are waiting for the upload....and we have a spare day tomorrow to make some more checks in the new system with the new uploaded data. Ample of time unless disasters are discovered at that moment.

And then the storm will start: a loooong day of inventory counting on Friday (= climbing on kegs to check labels and due dates, discovery of obsure belgian beer brands, climbing on pallet boards and falling off, endless recounts and discussions, ...) and then upload of all inventory and Go-life of System 21 in Limburg on Saturday. Yeaaaah the last go-life! Good, we are all tired of those go-lifes, time to move on. The go-life will go fine, I am sure, but the stress will be the first weeks afterwards where the people have to get used to their new jobs, new system, new way of working. No matter how much training we give and how much exercises, the change forced upon them after go-life is always huge. And it always gives a lot of problems. So the first weeks we run around like crazy to try to answer all their questions, fix their problems and show them how to do things.

Since yesterday some of us teammembers are staying in the hotel again, expecting too long days to commute back and forth. Friday will probably be a 18h work-day and on Saturday we start at 7AM again. Yikes but I'll survive. So did I last times. So we are in a hotel and this time it's not a crappy Ibis. Hihi Luc forgot to mention here that we have a budget limit for the hotelcost and so they booked us in the Holiday Inn in Hasselt. Great mistake , nice change to close off the project :). Although it does not look like they'll appreciate it when we arrive at midnight with no other dining alternative then the nearest "french fries stand" bringing back french fries and fricandel sausages and stew and croquettes to eat in the lobby. We'll see. Let's be optimistic and think we'll always be back before the restaurants close.

ok now I'll use this calm time while waiting for upload to retest some old bugs in the software.


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