Fair in Moscou

Yesterday Jan and I witnessed a parade in Moscou with the newly elected Miss Moscou driven through the streets.

... You don't believe it? No honestly, I swear. I might not have mentionned the fact that Jan and I travelled to Moscou this weekend, it must have slipped my mind. Busy schedule huh.

So we were in Moscou and we also visited the local flee market, although that was quite disappointing. The parade was better although I saw it from the window upstairs. The miss election had been the day before (by the way the candidates had already been marched through the strees with a street band ... with hardly any watchers along the road and and the candidates trying to look as bored as possible as if it was one of their assignments).
So all of a sudden while we were still in our room we hear another band coming by: a first band and a bored looking police cop at the side, some local party committe officials walking along chitchatting with each other, 2 giants and another marching band with as top of the bill the car with the new Miss Moscou.

We also went out to the flee market but that was quite boring. They had organised it in way too many streets and as a result there were not filled at all. And the Moscou crowded stayed mainly inside, I had the impression.
Oh well the next days of the festivities are going to have much better weather so maybe it'll get busier. Anyway we couldn't stay much longer in Moscou so we left again on Sunday. On Sunday evening we actually were already back in Leuven and went for a quick walk over the Leuven fair which was much bigger than the Moscou fair.

And for all the non-Ghent inhabitants that are confused.... Moscou is a neighbourhood of Gentbrugge and therefore from Ghent. It got it's name after 1815 when the Russian troups of the Tsar camped out there for a while after the vitory over Napoleon in Waterloo. So it were just the local neighbourhood festivities in my street!!


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