Fashion predictions from London

What I like about visiting London: having a peak review on next year's fashion in Belgium :p. At Christmas 2004 I saw people walking with very narrow jeans tucked in their high boots.... last year Belgium was full of them. Last fall I saw people in the West End with fancy dressed up narrow barmuda shorts. I looked for them briefly in Belgium but didn't find much more than narrow knee- length shorts in jeans yet. Now I am starting to see them (and I really want a pair of them !!!). So I was quite curious whether I'd pick up some new trends in London this time.

So this is what I saw: a big return to the 80ies ! The narrow jeans didn't have to be tucked in hight boots anymore but were back on high Dc Martins, armee boots or just low pumps. Anyway no more heals!!! Where flat shoes for sure with rounded toes. I had very strong flashbacks to the last years of highschool where we were all wearing stretch jeans. ... and I went on Rotary exchange with my pair of stretch jeans, very tight, very tough to put on and take off again (or should I say roll off). Those pants couldn't have been more in contrast with the extreme baggy fashion in Canada at that time ! I heard that other students at PCSS thought that my jeans had shrunk too much. But secretly I loved sticking out a bit as the foreigner who didn't have to be inline with the rest.

So ... since the stretch jeans are already back, I am sure we won't feel obliged very long anymore to put them inside our boots but we'll show then off on low shoes. Instead more and more we'll wear long sweaters and T-shirts on it. Sophie, didn't you tell me already that T-shirts and tops were getting longer again and had to be on our hips??

The trend that really stuck out to us though was a mini mini jeans skirt with a stretch legging. Geeez I so hope that doesn't cross the Northsea to us! Stretch jeans aren't flattering but I can live with them if everyone wears them. But those leggins were just too bad. They could be just below kneelenght or up to the ankles. They are usually black but I've also soon bright fluo pink and other colors or striped ones . And you have to wear flat pumps on them. On top of them you wear a long T-shirt/dress with a belt or long sweater/knitted dress if you don't want to wear a mini jeans skirt although jeans was the most common. The skirt or long T-shirt should barely cover your ass.

They were all over the place in London, you always saw at least one woman with such a mini skirt with a very non flattering legging. Yet Sandra and I were still hoping that the fashion would not come over. That hope was lost last Friday though when I saw somebody crossing the street like that in Ghent. So the trendsetters are already here. What can I say... Ghent the most trendy city of Belgium ???


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