Getting to know the secrets of your own house

Finally the weather was getting serious about things here again. After a depressing August month (sure enough the weather gods wanted to balance a bit after a very hot July month but did August need to be that bad?) it is finally a bit of decent weather. Mind you last week I did turn the heating on in the morning !! So yesterday was nice and I figured that I needed to do an extra effort to water the grass. It does have some spots that are not going to have a very green future so it seems.

And so I watered the grass and after a while without any warning the water stopped spraying. While in the back of my head a small memory started to appear already, I ran quickly inside to the watertap in the kitchen to discover what I already knew. Only a sad little bit of water came out of the tap. Great, how do you live in a house without water. I remembered the remark that jan's once made that we had a stop on the water after it runs non-stop x time to prevent leakage .

After a couple of phonecalls with Jan (and him consulting his dad) and me rumbling about in the basement I found the 'dropstop'' device linked to our waterpipe. So far so good. Now where the hell was a button or something to make the water run again? The bloody thing had no buttons , nothing to push, pull, turn whatsover at first sight. Just 2 tiny wholes and a tiny key attached behind a pipe. Pheww, I miniscule little turn inside in one of the wholes seems to have done the trick and I had runnign water again!!

And so you learn everyday. But we'd like to find the manual of that bloody thing to see what the settings are and how we can change them. In the mean time I watered the garden in intervals tonight ;)


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