I.E. 6 Help

Help, is there any techies reading this who can help me. Since one week myu internet explorer does not open multiple pages at the same time anymore.... no if I open a new internet page it overwrites the other one that was open. It replaces the screen I came from even when I choose 'open in new screen'.

So I can only have one internetscreen open at the same time and I have to be carefull to click on a hyperlink if I don't want to leave the current page.

My computer has been scanned for virusses and it is clean.

Help, what should I do? Installe firefox or opera or IE 7 ??? or simply change a setting that I didn't find yet?


Bart said…
Choose the Firefox road!
goofball said…
Thankx for the advice Bart... I did and I like it.

If that very old computer was now not running low on memory, I could actually have said that my sequel of computer problems...not yet apparently ;).

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