Martha Stewart

Guess what... they started broadcasting a daily show of Martha Stewart on tv in Belgium. So we can finally see who that American media-idol was who only came in the news here because she had to go to prison.

Her show is sooooo stereotype of what a perfect housewife ''should'' do at first sight: cook, entertain, design your own wrapping paper (dugh?), decorate the lunch bags of the children with their drawings, ... yamn yawm nothing attractive to me so far!
Besides she was wearing an awful poncho and so was everybody in the audience... hello? what a non stylish gift, that type of poncho just hides everyone's body behind a massive triangle block.

She was very funny and good though in an interview with Elmo from Sesamestreet. I don't think we had Elmo in the Dutch version of Sesamestreet but he was cute. Better than Ieniemienie.


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