Isn't it funny how your mind can play tricks on you. You are in a situation and all of a sudden out of nowhere, this funny out of place association pops up.

I had that at work this week when washing my hands in the toilet. The soap smell popped up the image of 'onzelievevrouwkes' , a type of machmallow that we have for Sinterklaas in the form of a lady, Our Lady so to speak. And a second later I am thinking of Sinterklaas.

Other associations I always make...

music of Vangelis (but not the conquest of Paradise) = my parents dinner parties when I was a child, with the toasts and snacks ready on the table, the fire place burning, the table set and some candles lid

music of Strauss = the sleepy feeling of a New Years morning/noon and watching with a half eye the yearly New Yearly's contest

Barry White = all the colleagues of Allie Mc Beal dancing in their unisex washroom and coming in and out the stalls well synchronised.

Sting's Roxanne = my mom catching me by surprise during one of my exam study breaks when I was singing along really really loud and concentrated. Hmm I guess that is not an association but a memory.

ok I am out of inspiration, will type more if I remember more of them.


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