Speeding Monegasques

When driving home there was this silver Audi really tailing other cars making them go to the right so it could speed away. I so hate that!!! But it had a very weird short licence plate in blue letters white background... D143. Hmm which country is tiny enough to only need 4 digits... ???? That must be Monaco (and a little bit of googling confirmed that to me).

Little later a silver BMW speeds by... G221. What is this ? Some Monegasque party that just ended in the Netherlands and they are trying to get home before dinner is cold??? It was first time that I saw Monegasque driving around in Belgium and I hope I don't see them often if they drive like that. Too bad there wasn't a police car hiding a little further.

In order to be complete on this post, another silver BMW came by later on at the same speed but that was a Belgian. Or maybe they were all Belgians... maybe it was Mr Tom Boonen and Mr Justine Henin or Mr Stefan Everts racing by to see the game on tv at time??? All our sports champions (Tom Boonen = world champion cycling , Justine Henin = soon to be #1 in tennis , Stefan Everts = multiple world champion motorcross) all chose to move their residency away from Belgian media...or Belgian taxes. Their choices were always met with quite some controversy and if it is them who are racing so dangerously on the highways, controversy could rise much much more. ... but before accusing them, I only know those were Monegasque cars.


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