4 hours of snow...and traffic jams

Some random thoughts during my 2h30 trip to work yesterday :

* why can it snow on Monday night for 90 minutes and still having clear roads and why is there cms of snow on the roads now when it was so well announced that it would snow?

* Would those 2 undertaker cars I crossed come late for the funeral??? Would a funeral have to be postponed ? Can a deceased person be late for or miss its own funeral due to a snow blizzard?

* I love snow but I hate being in a snow traffic jam because all you see is the back of the car in front of you and some slush on the road.

* if you have a buxus in the garden in the form of a big boll with a smaller boll on top of it, there is no need to make a snowman anymore when it snows. You get one naturally.

* Where are those big trucks with salt when you need them??? There is supposed to be so much salt on the road but I don't notice that at all? And why is traffic stuck soo much.... I know there is snow on the road, but it's not like you cannot drive through it?

* Would that slush track I see in front of me, which shines so much, be just watery or is it icy?

* Remember the time that I had to drive to The Hague and all the cars were sliding off the road and it took me 4h30 hours...And remember the time I got stuck on the highway in 2004 for 3 hours because the trucks couldn't progress anymore?

* what a hassle, this traffic jam...in a couple of hours this snow will already have melted. It's not even worthwile being in a traffic jam for hours if it's only going to be white for a couple of hours.

* Am I the only one not having left at 8 h yet and not having arrived at work before it started snowing??? (I would think yes when talking to my colleagues but when hearing about 350km of traffic jam around Brussels, then clearly I was not the only one late at work).

* why didn't I work from home today????????


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