Confused answering machine

Last Friday I came home rather late after hanging out in Ghent that evening. Before stumbling upstairs to crawl unther the little feathers, I saw a little light flickering on our phone. Jan had just come home from London before me but had not listened to our answering machine either.

"Hello, I am just calling once more for those lights on the Ford Focus. It's already been 2 weeks and you first gave me the wrong lights for a Opel Corsa. You were going to call me when the correct lights came in but I still haven't got a phone call from you. I've already tried to phone you a couple of times. [slightly irritated] Well I am expecting a phone call, you can reach me on my mobile phone, you have the number. If not I'll phone you back."

Euuuugh...ok? Well I went to bed with a big smile on my face. Sorry buddy, I don't have your mobile phone so I didn't call you back but if you read this: ....YOU DIALED THE WRONG NUMBER ;). Good luck on your car lights.


These kinds f things have happened to us before. Its kind of funny.
Mike said…
That's funny. That guy should be really, really pissed off right now waiting for a phone call.


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