Deciding fast

Among my friends Jan and I have a reputation never being able to decide our vacation plans. The last years some trips have taken weeks of considering different destinations, periods, ....When I wanted to go East, Jan came up with destinations in the West, when I proposed cultural destinations, Jan seemed to propose nature so to speak. The conclusion repetitively was "we don't know yet, we'll think a bit more about it".

But now I can surprise all of them. After 2 days of looking, it's already booked!!! How about that, huh? This time it all was clear: it had to be a diving destination (since I want to /need to finish my PADI course before mid april), work and our expected wardrobe installation narrowed the potential time range down to 2 weeks , ....

So we booked 1 week Hurghada in the beginning of March! Cooohoool!


Betsy said…
congratulations! Sounds like fun!

I like your new profile picture, by the way! :-)

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