Honest as a child

I was reading this today and with a big smile on my face I remembered visiting my grandmother in the hospital when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I don't even remember why she was there, how long she was there etc . But I remember very well the next episode:

She was in a room with 3 other elderly woman in it. We were visiting and when we were leaving my parents told me to go and shake a hand to each of them to say goodbye. So I did. When approaching one of the ladies I noticed she had a lot of facial hair on her upper lip.

I was amazed. I had never seen a woman with a moustache at that time. In my simple child world men could have facial hair but women don't. And yet here I noticed an exception to that rule.

In utter amazement, I yelled out loud "eeeeeh look, you have a moustache".

What followed were my parents lecturing me and making me appologize unwillingly. I truly remember being so confused and I remember a feeling of unfairness. It was unfair that I got lectured because that old lady did have a moustache. But my parents did not agree with me. That day I learned a lesson on "acceptable behaviour in this society" and that you should not always be honest "out loud" but I found it very very confusing.


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