Mud, Trees and glowing landscapes

Right now I am sitting in the sofa with the laptop on my lap, my diving course book to study, the tv on, a glass of wine, a notebook , etc.... Perfectly installed not to come out of the sofa anymore. My feet will appreciate it, I am sure.

Today I went on a 14 km walk in the woods and villages south of Leuven at the language border. A friend of one of my friends, who lives here in Leuven as well, was so kind to invite me on this day out. Great opportunity to get to know some people here in the area and I hadn't been out on a real long walk anymore in a long time so I was quite excited.

It turned out a really nice day and the predicted loads of rain fortunately stayed out most of the time. This route lead us through Meerdaalwoud, the 2nd biggest wood in Flanders just south of Leuven, "hollow roads" (does that translation make sense?) and some villages and fields....and mud!

Beautiful hollow roads

the weather gods were on our side

what a cutie

here the mud became rather wet

hmm we all have some laundry to do tonight!


Jenn said…
Beautiful pictures. I love the one of the trees. Looks like a great time.


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