No warm sweater day

Yesterday was warm sweater day in Belgium. Following the media hype on the global warming and the changing climate, yesterday we were all stimulated to turn the heating down for a couple degrees and to wear a warm sweater instead. Multiple schools, institutions and companies, Alken-Maes as well, were participating. It was a symbolic action to raise awareness on the climate, similar to the european campaign a couple of weeks ago to turn all lights of between 19h55 and 20h00.

Well... the warm sweater day wasn't a big succes. Not many people were wearing a warm sweater at all. 16,5 C in February!! On the other hand who wouldn't have turned down his heating a bit automatically? We were sitting with our window wide open and we all got really a strong spring feeling. That's not hard if the sun's out and the horses are grazing next to your window.

I actually met the horses a bit closer last week. Their grassland makes a U around our "chalet". Usually they are inside their cabin in the morning and evening and they hang out at some distance from our office but one evening when I was locking the door, they came peaking with their heads from around the corner. So I had a chance to "meet" my neighbours and pet them a bit on the nose.


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