An office in a "chalet"

Since I work for the brewery I have been a true gipsy in the office. My initial desk was in a building one street further, next to a pumpkin and leek feeld looking over a farm building a bit further.
But I often had to go to the different platforms and I worked in Strasburg, France for 6 months.

When last project started to switch all platforms, we had to sit together as a team, so I moved with my desk to the other side of the building with the rest of the team when setting up the system. What followed was a gypsy year where I moved from platform to platform across the country. In the mean time the second building had been sold and last fall when all platforms had been switched from software and the project was running to its end, I got a desk with my boss and a couple of colleagues in a very small meeting room. After almost 3 years with the company, I was getting to know the head office, the cantine, and the many faces around.

But the meeting room was needed and so after 3 months all 6 of us packed our binders in boxes again and moved to the "chalet" behind the head office. Part of the team had already been there before. It's a small wooden structure that holds 3 rooms and some toilets. The name "chalet" is a real eufimism but it has its perks. We have more space than the small meeting room before, we actually have our small meeting room next doors. And it looks out at a grassland with 2 horses in it. They sometimes come and look at our window and then turn around, lift their tails and start pooping :p.

Yesterday with the snowy landscape we felt ourselves a bit in a true chalet and since we cannot adjust our electrical heaters very well, the heat made us even thing we had a fireplace going or a sauna.

So anyway.... how many people can say their office is in a chalet???


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