Scary moment

Following Allie's recent post on traffic frustrations and crazy drivers, Jan also had his portion of traffic irritations today. I heard multiple comments while we went to visit his and my parents today "what the f..." "stupid driver"... when drivers in front of us were all of a sudden braking for nothing, driving on the middle lane forever, not driving too straight etc.... The usual type of "sunday drivers".

We had a very scary moment though when driving home. It was fairly busy and all of a sudden I saw at the edge of the left lane something big red "waving" up against the concrete edges while the cars on the right all made sudden movements towards the right. A big piece of cloth, so I thought for a second but just a fraction later I realised that it was actually a car crashing upwards.

I missed what happened next since I was trying to brake safely myself and going to the right, but the car actually managed somehow to land on its 4 tires again, drive a bit further and then come to a safe standstill on the side of the road. 5 other cars had already stopped and went to check the people inside so we went on.

But I can assure heart was pumping very hard for the remainder of our drive. Gosh, that could have ended very differently!


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