Too many people on the road on a Sunday

Thanks to Batibouw and its popularity, I could enjoy this afternoon a traffic jam around Brussels from Sterrenbeek on the E40 up to Strombeek. Grrrrrrrrrrr.
Gosh I pity those people, I can only imagine how busy it must have been on the fair this afternoon. Glad I wasn't there!

After 20 minutes of waiting I took the exit in Zavemtem and decided to drive through downtown Brussels rather than staying on the ringroad. It brought back memories from working in Brussels and I sure didn't miss it. It rather brought back my eternal negative prejudices against Brussels: ugly buildings, inspiringless avenues, arrogant drivers, ... Well mind you the only part I drove by was the business area around the NATO headquarters and then the Leuvensesteenweg in St-Joods-ten-Noode. Not the most exciting neighbourhood, I am sure. Once I reached Madou I was glad to dive into the bowels of Brussels. I wonder how many hours I have already spent in those tunnels in my life! Way too much for sure.

Fortunately Katrien forgave me being so late and spoilt me with a splendid lunch! That made up for al the unexpected traffic frustrations. Thanx!


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