Yoga as integration project

Now that I have moved, I need to integrate myself more in Leuven and meet new people. I went to my first Yoga class last Thursday. Thankx to Google, I had found out that there is twice a week a yoga class in the school behind the corner here.

I don't really know what yoga is all about, but I was curious enough to show up despite some nerves though. The group was bigger than I expected (> 30?) and as expected were mainly people older than 40 but not exclusively female as my stereotype mind expected.

I guess Yoga is supposed to relax your mind, but since it was my first experience with it ever, my mind didn't quite relax. The entire session thoughts were flying around in my head like crazy:
"do the other people close their eyes or do they keep them open?"
"am I wearing the appropriate clothing"
"damn I didn't hear if I had to breath in or breathe out when crunching"
"I am probably the one who can bend the least of everybody here....oh no, the lady of there has some difficulty too. Phew"
"aaah I already have to breathe out and the others still seem to keep their breath"
"oh my gosh you gotta be kidding, this lady next to me is standing on her head!"

Nevertheless I quite enjoyed it and when I came home I felt totally relaxed and sleepy...which is ok at 10PM. And I am sure that next time the novelty will start wearing off.


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